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Dog Walking

Our dog walk services are designed for the busy family or working person that is often out during the “mid-day”. Fido can get some great exercise while you don’t have to worry. We offer our Dog Walking service in two formats; ENROLLED and DROP-IN (aka “as needed”). There are unique advantages to each service format.


  • Reserves and guarantees your service during the time frame and days you’ve requested once we have accepted them and you have paid. Your dog(s) will be walked during the same time frame(s) on the same day(s) you’ve requested, consistently each week.
    (Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 12p and 2p each week.) Enrollments are made for set days and time frames.
  • The enrollment period is monthly.
  • The enrollment payment is due by the 5th of each month. (you’ll receive an invoice on the 25th of the preceding month, due on the 5th)
  • New enrollments are due immediately.
  • Enrollment comes with “built in” cancellations; that is that you can cancel 25% of the number of walks you have scheduled and paid for with no penalty. Those walks will be credited to future service. Holidays, as listed on our website, do NOT count against those cancellations.
    (ex 1. if you schedule 1 walk per week (which is 4 per month) then 1 walk that month can be canceled with no penalty. –
    ex. 2. if you schedule 5 walks per week (which is 20 walks on average per month) then 5 walks could be canceled that month with no penalty.)
  • Enrollment can be on-going or one month at a time. (maybe you and your pooch will be in Hawaii next month?). Either way the billing remains the same (due on 5th).


  • Request dog walking service AS NEEDED. That is, simply request the service you need, when you need it (within request guidelines).
  • You can request up to one month in advance for any days or mix of days; any time frames or mix of time frames. OR request Weekly or even Daily (with 24 hour notice)
  • You will receive an invoice which is due upon receipt for the entire reservation period you have requested. Once payment is received then your reservations are guaranteed.
  • Drop In visits can be canceled, however they are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • If you request service for a time frame that is already filled, we will contact you to discuss accommodating your needs in the closest available time frame.

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