The Professional Level of Pet Care

By: Brenton | January 05, 2018

Hire a dog walker in Cleveland. Shown: Cleo

Every good dog parent wants the best for their pooch. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have responsibilities and passions pulling us away from our pups for several hours a day, or we would at least be able to bring them with us everywhere as we handle our human lives. However, we require jobs to, at the very least, allow us to provide financially for our dogs and their food, shelter, supplies, and medical needs. On top of that, we also need to, you know, pay our own bills, feed ourselves, and attempt to achieve self-actualization. We love our dogs, but many of us are simply unable to be home enough each day to ensure that their needs are truly being met. This is where hiring a qualified pet care specialist comes in handy. Having a trusted pro...

By: Brenton | April 01, 2016

We are very good at our jobs and can usually give you a very good estimate of what time your pet sitter will be there to visit your pets.  We can generally give a range within 60 minutes either way (or a two hour time frame).  We cannot however GUARANTEE an exact time.  There are several reasons for this:
  1. If there is an emergency at a visit scheduled before yours we need to attend to the emergency.
  2. If the weather is really bad (ie. blizzard, tornado) and the roads are bad it may take longer to navigate between visits. We also have priority policies in place for these weather conditions.
  3. If the primary pet sitter gets into a car accident and the backup sitter needs to be mobilized it will take longer to get ...