The Professional Level of Pet Care

By: Brenton | July 16, 2018

Check out this under 5 min video to see how quickly you can schedule one or multiple services with Executive Pet Services. We'll also show some options you can add along the way!

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By: Brenton | May 10, 2016

People always appeared to be shocked when I tell them I had to ‘fire’ a client.  Who turns business away, right?  They don’t seem to understand that providing a service is a two way street and we do occasionally have to tell people we will can no longer provide service to them.  We hate to do it and we don't want to, but sometimes there is just no other way around it.  We provide a premium service and want only the very best for your pets and expect that you do too. Following are six reasons that we may fire you as a client:

1. You Disrespect Our Policies

We have policies for a reason.  It makes sure that things run smoothly and there are no misunderstandings.  When someone disrespects our policies, ...

By: Brenton | April 01, 2016

We are very good at our jobs and can usually give you a very good estimate of what time your pet sitter will be there to visit your pets.  We can generally give a range within 60 minutes either way (or a two hour time frame).  We cannot however GUARANTEE an exact time.  There are several reasons for this:
  1. If there is an emergency at a visit scheduled before yours we need to attend to the emergency.
  2. If the weather is really bad (ie. blizzard, tornado) and the roads are bad it may take longer to navigate between visits. We also have priority policies in place for these weather conditions.
  3. If the primary pet sitter gets into a car accident and the backup sitter needs to be mobilized it will take longer to get ...

By: Brenton | March 01, 2016

Have you ever heard of a professional pet sitting service? Well, chances are if you are viewing this article then you have, but maybe just in the last few minutes.

Pet sitting and Dog Walking services have been around for a long time, but the industry really just boomed maybe 10 to 15 years ago. Most services before then were only in the biggest cities and usually performed only by individuals. Today there are several national organizations and countless more local organizations that promote the industry through standards and cooperation.

Now that we've covered some history, lets move on to this article main point and title - What to expect when hiring a Professional Pet Sitting or Dog Walking service.

Most individuals and families that find t...

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